Is Your Smile Ready for Summer Fun? Troy Cosmetic Dentist Explains Your Smile Makeover Options

Written by Dr. Bentley on May 23, 2017

Wedding, graduation, and vacation season are upon us, and you may be thinking about improving your appearance. There’s still time left to consider some cosmetic dental options to spruce up your smile and get you ready for summer fun.


There have been so many advances in modern dental materials and techniques that there’s virtually no limit to the types of smile transformations we can create. The Troy cosmetic dentist would like to share a few esthetic treatments we offer that will leave you with a healthier, more beautiful smile than when we started.


When we talk about a smile makeover, we are referring to a combination of different cosmetic treatments. When combined, these treatments will give dramatically improve your appearance and give your confidence a boost.


Am I A Candidate for A Smile Makeover?


You are a good candidate for a smile makeover if you are dealing with multiple esthetic dental problems. The main criteria that you should be in otherwise good dental health since smile makeovers tend to be esthetic in nature.


Here are a few of the most popular treatments we offer and how our dentist can use them to enhance your smile.


Professional Teeth Whitening


If you want to have a bright, white, and beautiful smile, an ideal option is teeth whitening. Professional dental bleaching treatment can brighten even the most stained smile by up to seven shades in a single visit.


Dental Bonding


For minor chips, cracks, and stains, dental bonding is an option to consider. With dental bonding, a special tooth-colored resin is applied directly to the tooth, masking flaws in appearance and enhancing the overall appearance of the smile.


Porcelain Veneers


One of the most versatile treatment options for smile makeovers is porcelain veneers. These thin shells of dental ceramic are ideal for many cosmetic dentistry patients. The Troy cosmetic dentist can use veneers to seamlessly mask teeth that are chipped, cracked, stained, or crooked.


Schedule a Consultation for a Smile Makeover


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