Are Store-Bought Whitening Treatments Letting You Down? Troy Cosmetic Dentist Discusses Benefits of Professional Whitening

Written by Dr. Bentley on Jan 17, 2017

Have you spent tons of money on drug store teeth whitening products only to be disappointed by the lack of results? You aren’t alone – every year consumers invest in over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions. So how do they stack up compared to professional teeth whitening? You may be surprised to find that you’re really not gaining anything, even though these treatments seem to be less expensive. 

If you take a walk down the oral care aisle of your drug store, you will see countless teeth whitening products. Although they all come up with hyped-up promises with regards to benefits, and it might appear to be a fast fix, they can’t match up to professional treatments with the Troy, OH cosmetic dentist.

What Makes Professional Whitening Better?

A home teeth whitening tray purchased at your drug store doesn’t offer the exact fit obtained with a customized whitening tray supplied by our cosmetic dentist. Since our trays conform perfectly to the surfaces of your teeth, they limit the amount of contact the whitening gel may have with gum tissue. Using generic store-bought trays may cause irritation because they allow the whitening gel to seep under the tray and irritate gum tissue.

The whitening trays supplied by the Troy cosmetic dentist are customized for you using impressions of your teeth. The finished tray will be trimmed to protect the whole surface of each and every tooth, falling just short of the gum line. The specific dental contouring of the tray doesn’t just help to protect very sensitive gum tissue, but also virtually eliminates any discomfort brought on by tray edges chafing against the gum line.

How Does a Customized Tray Benefit Me?

The fit of a custom-molded tray offers additional benefits:

  • The whole tooth surface area is protected.
  • Consistent results are achieved more quickly because the whitener remains in contact with the full surface of your teeth.
  • A custom-made tray assures that the teeth whitening tray remains in position securely.
  • A custom-fabricated tray virtually guarantees a perfect fit.The whole tooth surface area is protected.  

Please Call for Your Manhattan Teeth Whitening Appointment

Please contact our office to arrange a dental cleaning with one of our skilled hygienists. At that time we can talk to you about the benefits of professional teeth whitening. Our highest priority is your satisfaction, and we are dedicated to your overall oral health as well as helping you achieve a brighter, more attractive smile.