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Our Troy dentists are proud to provide compassionate, high-quality pediatric dental care in a calm and friendly environment. We understand that children have unique dental needs and anxieties, which is why we cater pediatric dentistry treatments to suit each individual child.

Why do parents choose our Troy, OH dentists for pediatric dentistry?

Dentistry Designed for Children’s Needs

We provide dental treatments that are tailored to meet children’s specific needs. We offer panoramic X-rays to minimize young patients’ exposure to radiation. We offer a range of preventive dentistry services, including sealants, to protect your child’s teeth for the long-term. Our dental team also crafts mouth guards for young patients to protect their teeth during sports and physical activities.

Simple, Straightforward Scheduling

We know you’re busy; our dental team works hard to make dental care simple and convenient for your family. Our office offers flexible scheduling options, and we’ll send you appointment reminders to keep you up to date. Our friendly scheduling team will even coordinate your family’s appointments for your convenience.

Supportive, Stress-Free Environment

Our dental office and dental team put children at ease in the dentist’s chair. Young children can spend some time in our interactive playroom. If your child feels more comfortable with a parent in the treatment room, we can definitely accommodate that.

Preventative Mouthguards

The Importance of Primary Teeth

Complimentary Customized Sports Mouthguard

We are pleased to provide professional, custom-made mouth guards to all athletes at no fee. This is a $50 value!

If your child is involved in sports, call our office to schedule an appointment for a professional mouth guard impression. We will need to know what color mouthguard your child's coach requests (if any). Often the mouthguards cannot be clear or white. We will also need to know if the child's coach requires a strap for the mouthguard; often (for football or hockey) this is a requirement. Additionally if you would like custom lettering on the mouthguards (EX: Team Name), please inform us of this during the impression appointment.

At the mouthguard appointment, our team will take an impression of your child’s teeth so that the mouth guard can be custom made. A week or two later, our office will call you to let you know that the mouthguard is ready to be picked up during our office hours (no appointment is necessary). Most often, the mouthguard will fit properly and no adjustments will be necessary.

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