Back-to-School Dental Exams and Why They’re Important Explained by Troy Family Dentist

Written by Dr. Bentley on Aug 1, 2017

It’s that time again when moms and dads everywhere are making plans for the first day of school. You have supplies, backpacks, plenty of healthy lunchtime snacks – but did you remember to schedule your child’s back-to-school dental exam by the Troy family dentist?



How Poor Oral Health Affects Kids



Dental decay (caries) is the most common childhood illness, and research shows that 23% of children have untreated cavities. Your child deserves to get the most out of every moment of their school day. Their focus should be on learning and socializing, and not getting sidelined from the fun with a toothache.



Untreated caries put children’s future oral health at risk, but the problems do not stop there. Dental problems can also have a dramatic effect on your child’s quality of life:



  • Difficulty chewing and getting the nutrition they need
  • Poor concentration because of tooth pain
  • Reduced academic achievement
  • Problems speaking clearly
  • Missed time from play and athletic activities
  • Poor self-esteem


Prevention for a Healthy Smile



When kids are young, we have an opportunity to start your child with good oral health practices that last a lifetime. As a dentist, Dr. Mark Bentley does his part by encouraging routine dental exams and checkups and correcting problems as they occur. As parents, your job is to make sure your kids are brushing properly and eating a healthy diet.



If you haven’t yet scheduled a back-to-school dental exam for your child, please call the Troy family dentist to arrange an appointment. It is far easier to ensure that your kids enjoy excellent oral health than it is to deal with more painful, costly, and complicated dental conditions in the future. Please call our office, and we will be happy to arrange an appointment at your convenience.