Cosmetic Dentist Troy Explains Orthodontic Treatment

Written by Dr. Bentley on Dec 27, 2016

A few short years ago, people who needed their teeth straightened didn’t have many options. Fortunately, advances in dental technology have changed that. Now we have lots of choices when it comes to finding the orthodontic treatment that’s right for you. One of the options that the cosmetic dentist Troy offers is, a discreet and affordable clear braces treatment.


Why do you offer clear braces instead of other treatment?


There are several reasons why we have chosen to offer clear braces to our patients:

  • They are an effective option for correcting minor tooth alignment issues
  • Invisible braces are clear and discreet
  • If your teeth don’t require a lot of straightening, clear braces are more comfortable than traditional orthodontics
  • Clear braces are significantly less expensive than other options like Invisalign

How long will it take to straighten my teeth?


The length of treatment is different for each person because it depends on the amount of straightening needed and the results you desire with each clear braces alignment treatment. The cosmetic dentist Troy will help you decide if they are the best option for you. In most cases you’ll use each aligner in the series for two to three weeks. Proper alignment can often be achieved in less than a year.


How long will it take to see results?

The needs of every patient are unique, but normally patients see positive results every time they change to the next set of aligners. Various factors that can have an effect on the final results of your Bioliner treatment include:

  • The shape of your teeth
  • The position of the root in the area of treatment
  • The health of your gums

How soon can I start treatment with clear braces?


Once we develop a treatment plan, our dentist, Dr. Jones will take impressions of your teeth. The molds made from these impressions will be sent to the dental lab to create custom-crafted aligners. Your custom set of clear braces will be fabricated in about five days, and we will then arrange an appointment to begin treatment.


How much do clear braces cost?

The cost of treatment depends greatly on how much straightening is needed to obtain a beautifully aligned result. We will be more than happy to consult with you to provide an accurate estimate of treatment cost. Please contact our office, to arrange a free consultation. We will be happy to evaluate your specific situation and help you choose the best option for you.