Learn More From Our Troy Dentists About How We Restore Smiles

Written by Dr. Bentley on Aug 25, 2020

Dental damage is often an aesthetic issue for patients, and it likewise can leave your susceptible to developing additional oral health problems. Our Troy restorative dentists offer a range of treatments to repair and even rebuild your smile. Keep reading to learn more…

Restore Damaged Teeth

If any of your teeth have sustained damage, due to infection or trauma, our dentist will repair this damage in order to get you back on track. Dental bonding, which uses composite resin, is one popular and expedient way to restore and even rebuild dental enamel. Ceramic crowns and restorations are likewise versatile, effective, and customizable.

Improve Gum Health

As we are treating tooth damage, it is vital that we also prioritize gum health. You gum tissue is the foundation of your smile; oral tissues help to keep your teeth in place, and protect sensitive dental nerves.

Gum disease—chronic bacterial gum infection—can cause the underlying structure of your smile to fail. Our dental team uses state-of-the-art dental lasers to remove infected tissues and promote tissue healing and regeneration. We may additionally recommend that you tweak your at-home oral hygiene routine to better support gum health.   

Replace Missing Teeth

Our dental team also offers a range of tooth replacement options to help you smile with confidence again after tooth loss. Both dentures and bridges are designed to replace teeth with restorations that sit on top of the gum tissue. Dental implant technology, on the other hand, replaces the tooth root as well as the visible crown—every dental implant has a titanium root that extends into the patient’s gum and jawbone tissue.

If you are currently dealing with dental damage, our Troy dentists are here to help you smile confidently again. The easiest way to get started is to give our office a call to schedule a personal consultation with our team.