Our Troy Dentists Explain How You can have a Stress Free Root Canal Treatment

Written by Dr. Bentley on Apr 29, 2014

Our Troy Dentists Explain How You can have a Stress Free Root Canal Treatment

The thought of root canal treatment can make even the most confident dental patient anxious. If you suffer from dental anxiety, the prospect of having a root canal can fill you with dread and panic. But the Troy Dentist has sedation and treatment options that eliminate the stress and anxiety experienced by many patients.

Why Root Canals are Necessary

You should feel completely comfortable when facing root canal treatment; if a root canal is needed, it means that you are already at serious risk of losing the affected tooth. For many patients, though, the anxiety they feel about the procedure makes them put off or avoid treatment altogether.

You may feels anxious because of a past negative experience. Perhaps you simply want to avoid the pain or discomfort that you associate with any visit to the dentist.

Sedation Can Help

Our professional sedation dentistry team works closely with our patients to make sure that they remain calm and pain-free during root canal treatment. The Troy Dentist takes the time to talk to you about your anxiety and concerns. We answer all your questions prior to treatment to help you feel prepared and put you at ease.

If you experience severe anxiety leading up to treatment with the dentist, we can help you through the use of sedation dentistry. Medication can be prescribed prior to treatment to ensure that you are calm and relaxed before we begin the procedure. Using sedation dentistry, we can provide alternatives to keep you free of pain and discomfort treatment.

Solutions that Fit your Needs

Modern dental technology, combined with a personalized approach to your concerns, can help prepare you for root canal treatment with little or no anxiety at all. We will work closely with you so that you can get the treatment you need without unnecessary pain and anxiety. You no longer have to risk a healthy smile because of fear of the procedure.