Troy Cosmetic Dentist Discusses Ways to Get the Results You Want

Written by Dr. Bentley on Mar 3, 2015

When you meet with the Troy Cosmetic Dentist to discuss ways to improve certain aspects of your smile, it’s important for you to ask all of the questions you have on your mind.

We believe you should be armed with all the accurate information you need to make the right decisions about cosmetic treatments. That way you can feel confident that the outcome of your treatment will be exactly what you’re looking for.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions!

If you’re unsure what you should ask your dentist about, here are a few basic questions to get you started:

  • How can I get my smile to look the way I want?
  • How much will this treatment it cost?
  • Do you offer any financing options for the treatments I want?
  • Approximately how many appointments will it take to get the results I’m looking for?
  • Are there any other treatments you can recommend so I can achieve my goals? What other options may be appropriate in my case?
  • Why do you think I am a good candidate for the treatments you are recommending?
How long will the results of the treatments I am considering last? We encourage all our patients to not to be shy about asking any questions that may be on your mind they have on their mind. We believe that the happiest patients are those who have all the accurate information they need prior to electing cosmetic dental treatments. 

Please Contact Us for More Information

If you are interested in finding an experienced, caring Troy Cosmetic Dentist to help you achieve the smile aesthetics you’ve always wanted, please give our office a call today. Our team looks forward to meeting you and helping you get the high-quality treatment you need to achieve your oral health goals. We look forward to meeting you during your complimentary consultation!