Troy Cosmetic Dentists Outline 3 Common Aesthetic Improvements That Deliver Results

Written by Dr. Bentley on Apr 14, 2020

If you are ready to improve the appearance of your smile, our Troy cosmetic dentists are here to help. The first step is to think about the aesthetic changes you want to make, and to get a better idea of what types of treatments are available to you. With that in mind, keep reading to learn more about 3 things you can do to improve dental aesthetics!

Whiten Dental Enamel

Your enamel is the outermost layer of your tooth; so, when you look in the mirror, the portions of your teeth that you see are all enamel. Although enamel is super strong, it is not impenetrable, and over time it can thin as well as develop unsightly stains. By whitening and lightening your enamel, you help to make your smile look younger.

Professional dental whitening treatments are quite effective for patients with environmental stains. Many people see results after just one treatment, and, if necessary, the process can be completed over time in order to achieve more dramatic results.

Correct Existing Damage

If you have cracked or chipped enamel, dental cavities, or gum disease, effectively treating these problems can go a long way toward improving the appearance of your smile. It is also crucial that you seek timely restorative treatment so that your smile is not damaged further. 

Perfect Alignment

As people, we generally find smiles that are straight, seamless, and symmetrical to be attractive. If some of your teeth are crooked, unevenly spaced, or disproportionate, our dental team can help you achieve a more seamless and straight smile. This may involve orthodontic treatment and/or the placement of customized restorations to specific teeth.

As always, our Troy dental team is happy to provide you with additional information, and to help you schedule a personal consultation. Give our office a call or use the Contact Us page on our site to reach us. We look forward to speaking with you!