Troy Dentist Talks About Reasons for Toothache Pain

Written by Dr. Bentley on Feb 2, 2016

Obviously, if you’re suffering with a toothache, you need to get to your dentist right away so that you can receive prompt relief and effective treatment that will prevent further complications.

In many cases you may have some sort of dental problem and it may not be obvious to you. Gum disease is one of the dental issues that can be present without your knowledge. But there is no mistaking a toothache or pain caused by a damaged or decaying tooth.Most people who are having tooth pain simply cannot put off seeing the dentist because of the discomfort. Even if you’re not experiencing terrible pain, you should see your Troy Dentist immediately to ensure that you receive prompt treatment.

Common Reasons for Toothache

Tooth pain may be present for a number of reasons. A tooth that has been injured or is infected will begin to feel uncomfortable and can quickly get worse if not treated.  You may be experiencing tooth pain for any one of several reasons. 

Infection – A cavity that is not filled quickly by your dentist will eventually move to the innermost layers of the tooth. It is at this point that most patients will start to feel intense pain because the infection has grown to affect the part of the tooth that houses the nerve endings. 

Cracked or Broken Tooth – If your tooth becomes cracked or broken because of an accident, you may eventually experience severe pain. This is a result of the inner core of your tooth becoming affected by the dental damage, with nerves in the dental pulp becoming inflamed and painful. Once this occurs it will quickly develop into a toothache or generalized oral pain. 

The most important thing to remember is that the sooner you see your Troy Dentist, the sooner you will be free of the pain. Riding out the pain is not an option as conditions will only worsen and lead to greater complications when left untreated.