Troy Dentists Help You Eliminate These Common Habits That Can Harm Your Smile

Written by Dr. Bentley on Jul 21, 2020

Despite our best efforts, it is all too easy for bad habits to slip into our daily routines and thus negatively affect our smiles. That is why our Troy dentists have put together this short overview of common habits that lead to dental damage. We hope that this information helps you refine your daily routine and empowers you to protect your smile.

Try to avoid…

Sipping or snacking all day

If you are eating or drinking continuously throughout the day, even in small portions, you may be damaging your smile. Oral bacteria use the foods and drinks that we consume as fuel—sugars and refined carbohydrates are especially useful to them. Bacteria remain active and feeding for about 30 minutes after you finish eating or drinking. So, it is actually better for your smile if you only indulge a couple of times a day.

Clenching or grinding your teeth

The tooth-on-tooth contact caused by bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding, can cause small cracks and chips to develop in your dental enamel. This damage may be so small that it is invisible to the naked eye, but it still weakens your tooth overall, and gives bacteria an easy way to infiltrate your smile.

Picking at your smile

Metal and wooden toothpicks can cause small cuts in your gum tissue, thus putting you at risk of developing gum disease. That is why our dental team encourages you to use floss to refresh your smile throughout the day, rather than pointy tools.

Chewing hard substances

Chewing on ice, hard candies, and/or mints will cause your enamel to thin and crack over time. Protect your dental enamel by refraining from chomping on hard or abrasive substances.

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