Do you want to quit grinding for good?

Then finding the most effective solution for the right price is essential.

From stress reduction techniques to custom fitted dental mouth guards and biofeedback headbands; there are a lot of options out there. Determining which one is right for you and whether or not it is even worth the cost is a difficult decision to be made in consultation with a dentist. That’s why this week’s newsletter will focus on the following questions:

  • Which treatments are most commonly used?
  • Which treatments are most cost effective?
  • How can you tell that you are getting the best solution for a reasonable price?

Every patient that I treat for bruxism is always looking to stop the grinding, clenching and pain quickly and inexpensively. The first thing I always tell them is that the quick-fix, cheapest treatment will not always be the best option in the long run. It is important to consider your all around dental health and history, and fit the treatment to the cause of the grinding. With these considerations in mind, you will find that there are dozens of affordable options available to you.

Which treatments are most commonly used?

The most commonly used treatment for bruxism is the dental mouth guard. Patients tend to use over the counter mouth guards more often because of the cost difference compared to a mouth guard that is custom made by a dentist. This is a big mistake that too many people make, and we will discuss it in more detail below.

The second most common treatment, also a very important complement to a mouth guard, is simple stress management. Too many patients ignore the importance of this technique for treating bruxism. A mouth guard can only prevent damage from grinding. It will not stop the habit of grinding or alleviate the stress that may cause grinding. When used together, a mouth guard and relaxation practices will significantly decrease the occurrence and damage of grinding and clenching.

Which treatments are most cost efficient?

Before you ask yourself this question, keep in mind that you are looking for the most cost efficient option; the one that will really solve your problem for the least amount of money and time spent. Many misguided patients only look at the dollar amount associated with a treatment, and do not consider the quality of the benefits. Here are some things to keep in mind about over the counter mouth guards:

  • They are not customized for your teeth. They often slip and shift during the night, potentially causing more problems than they solve.
  • They are not very durable. You will have to replace an over the counter mouth guard multiple times, especially if you are an intense grinder.
  • They are not a permanent solution. Mouth guards will not cure you of bruxism. They will only reduce the occurrence of destructive symptoms of grinding and clenching.

Why would you pay for something that isn’t going to work as well as it could to meet your needs? It makes a lot more sense to purchase a mouth guard that works, and can be combined with other treatments to eliminate your bruxism for good.

How can you tell that you are getting the best solution for a reasonable price?

The most effective treatment for you might include a custom made mouth guard, stress relief, dental restorations, or some combination of the three. No matter what treatment we decide best meets your needs, you can be sure that it will first prevent any further damage done to your teeth from grinding, and second it will gradually decrease your tendency to grind and clench. Eventually, the goal is to eliminate the problem that is causing your bruxism. A solution that solves the problem is going to be the most inexpensive long term solution.

Now that you are clear on the causes, solutions, and cost-benefit analysis of bruxism treatments, you should be able to make informed decisions regarding your bruxism before it becomes too much of a problem.
If you’d like to discuss ways you can treat your bruxism, click here to schedule a free consultation.

Unfortunately, some patients experience dental damage from grinding before they are able to get treatment. That’s why next week we will be discussing what can be done to fix damage already done by grinding or clenching.

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