Do You Want Your Teeth To Shine Like New Every Time You Brush?

Follow These 8 Steps and Your Pearly Whites Will Be Brighter, Whiter, and Cleaner Than Ever!

Did you know…

  • the most common cause of tooth abrasion is a toothbrush? Tooth abrasion is a serious problem that can cause your teeth to appear dull and become super sensitive.
  • the most common culprit of gum disease is plaque that grows between your teeth? Daily flossing can easily prevent this buildup.
  • some people who brush their teeth twice a day still develop tooth decay? That’s because they either aren’t brushing their teeth properly or they don’t floss.

The truth is, while brushing your teeth regularly is important, brushing is less effective at preventing dental problems, and could even cause them, if you’re not using the proper technique.

Ideally, you should brush your teeth first thing in the morning and just before you go to bed at night. When you brush, follow these easy steps every time and you’ll avoid many common dental problems.


  • Wet your toothbrush and apply a peanut-sized strip of toothpaste (pea-sized for children). Using too much toothpaste can be harmful for children because they are more likely to swallow it and ingest fluoride. Too much fluoride in the system can cause problems.
  • Begin with your upper left molars (in the back) by placing the toothbrush on the outer surface of the tooth. Tilt your brush at a 45 degree angle towards your gums and press lightly to bend the bristles a bit. Do not press too hard or you may damage the enamel on the surface of your tooth, resulting in sensitivity and/or discoloration. Your brush head should cover approximately 2-3 teeth at a time.
  • Move your brush across your teeth in a slightly circular motion. Your strokes should be about the length of one tooth and you should spend about 10-15 seconds in one spot.
  • Gradually work your way around to the front teeth and continue on to the other side of your mouth. Then switch to the bottom teeth and do the same thing.
  • Once you have finished cleaning the front surfaces of your teeth, move on to the inside surfaces of the upper and lower molars and premolars.
  • To clean the inside surface of your front teeth, hold the brush perpendicular to the gum line and use a flicking motion to wipe away plaque.
  • Don’t forget to brush the biting surface of your molars. This will prevent plaque and bacteria from causing cavities by growing inside the crevices in your teeth.
  • Finally, brush your tongue and the inside of your cheeks, and then rinse with water.


  • Start with an 18 inch string of floss and wrap it securely around both of your middle fingers.
  • Hold both ends of the floss firmly between your index finger and thumb, and gently slide it between two teeth.
  • Use an up and down motion to remove plaque from between your teeth. Make sure you curve the floss around the base of each tooth, and go all the way down below the gum line to get rid of the most plaque.
  • Gently remove the floss from between your teeth, using the same up and down motion.
  • Be sure to clean between all of your teeth, and use a clean section of floss for each one.

There are two main types of floss: nylon and PTFE. Both types are equally effective at removing plaque. Nylon floss, also called multifilament floss, is made up of many tiny strings bound together. It is available waxed or unwaxed and in a variety of flavors. It may be prone to shredding when cleaning between teeth that are especially close. PTFE, or monofilament floss, is a bit more expensive, but it slides very easily between teeth and does not shred.

I always encourage my patients to brush and floss often, but do it right! Brushing improperly can cause many of the same problems as not brushing at all. If you need a free demonstration, or want to schedule a professional cleaning, just click here to make an appointment with my office.

Next week we are going to go over diet and the ways in which what you eat may be affecting your dental health. You’ll learn about some foods that can harm your teeth and some that can help them grow strong. You may be shocked to hear what foods could be damaging your teeth and gums.

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