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You may already be thinking that veneers are the right treatment for you, but do you know which type of veneers would work best for your needs? Neither did my patient Mary, until she scheduled her free consultation, and discovered that there are two different types of veneers. These two types of veneers have many particular attributes, respectively, such as length of procedure, durability, cost, and resistance to staining.

The type of veneer that is right for you will depend on your desired results and individual situation, such as the shape, position, and health of your teeth. There are direct and indirect veneers. The main difference is that direct veneers are shaped on the spot by your dentist, while indirect veneers are created in a lab, and simply put in place by your dentist.

Mary, for instance, was a television reporter who cracked her tooth on a mug. She didn’t have time to wait for indirect veneers to be made and shipped. She chose to get direct composite resin veneers placed immediately, so that she could return to work the next day, without anyone noticing a difference. The procedure was a success, and in just under an hour Mary’s tooth looked as good as new.

What is a direct veneer?
A direct veneer is usually made of a composite resin, which looks very similar to your natural tooth’s color and shine. Your dentist, who has been trained with an eye for aesthetics, will bond the composite resin to your existing tooth structure using a dental adhesive and then shape the veneer using a hand tool.

What is the procedure like?
Sometimes your dentist may need to prepare your existing tooth by shaping it so that the veneer can fit over top. The procedure can be completed in just one visit and there is no recovery period. Your teeth may be sensitive for a few days to very hot or very cold foods, but that is generally the most severe side effect.

How durable are direct veneers?
Direct veneers made of a composite resin are very durable, and you can expect them to last 5-10 years. If they do happen to chip due to a traumatic event, they can be easily repaired and reshaped using the same process with which they were placed originally.

Are direct veneers stain resistant?
Composite resin is fairly stain resistant, but can sometimes be prone to staining. Luckily, this can be easily corrected. By simply applying a new layer of resin, the stain is covered and your tooth looks like new.

How much do direct veneers cost?
A composite resin veneer applied directly by a dentist usually costs around $200-300.

Tips to remember:

  • If you are expecting to receive a teeth whitening treatment in the near future, wait until after the whitening procedure is complete to place a direct veneer, as the composite resin will not respond to the bleaching agent and will not match the shade of your newly whitened teeth.
  • Be careful eating hard foods like candies, nuts or carrots as they may cause your veneer to chip or crack.
  • Although direct veneers can be placed in just one visit, please allow at least 30-45 minutes for each veneer that will be placed.

After reading this information, if you think direct veneers may be a good option for you, schedule a free consultation with me.

Next week we will continue this discussion by talking about indirect veneers, so that you can understand all of the options and choose the best for you.

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