Are You Suffering With Crowded Teeth Or Gaps?

A New Treatment Option Can Solve Your Orthodontic Problems – Without the Hassle of Braces!

The purpose of today’s newsletter is to describe two typical orthodontic cases, in hopes that if you relate to one or both of them you can learn a bit more about the treatment options available. I will describe two common cases. One case is that of a young man whose crowded teeth were becoming a source of embarrassment in his social life. The other case is about an adult woman who wanted to fix some gaps and irregular spacing in her smile. In both cases the patients achieved remarkable success.

Crowded Teeth
After graduating college and starting a job as an accountant, Alex decided that his crowded teeth had held him back for too long. He was afraid to smile in social settings because he knew people were noticing his crooked teeth. And it wasn’t just an aesthetic problem. For years his crooked bite caused his teeth to grind and wear. It was time for a change. He wanted a smile that looked great and kept his overall oral health in tip-top shape.

Crowded teeth are caused when either there are too many teeth in the mouth or the jaw is not large enough to fit all of the teeth, causing them to push up too closely to one another. Frequently crowded teeth will shift sideways, and can be prone to excessive wear due to grinding as well as gum disease because flossing can be difficult.

Spacing and Gaps
Another common issue is spacing, or gaps between teeth. When teeth are too far apart, they not only look unsightly, but they can result in gum problems because the gums are unprotected on the sides of the teeth. Courtney was experiencing just such problems when she came to me for help. In her life as a public figure, Courtney’s gapped teeth were becoming a bit of an embarrassment. She had also been diagnosed with the beginning stages of periodontis (gum disease). Well into her late thirties, Courtney decided it was time to go looking for a more attractive and healthier smile.

You should understand that the orthodontic problems listed above are very common among teens and adults alike. With the use of orthodontics, correcting these problems is easier and more discreet than ever! If you think you might have a case like Alex or Courtney, and want to achieve similar results, don’t hesitate to click here to schedule an appointment.

Next week, we’ll look at a few more case studies, covering such issues as overbite, underbite, and crossbite. You’ll learn common causes of these problems as well as the most successful treatments for these difficulties.

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