Are you wondering exactly what your sedation experience is going to be like?

Get a first-hand account from an actual patient!

After dealing with his fear of dentists, drills, needles and the like, Travis had just one more thing to worry about – money. He was concerned about how to pay for the sedation treatments, and wanted an estimate on the cost. He knew that most insurance plans do not cover sedation dentistry, unless under special circumstances; for example, when a complicated procedure can be done quicker and at a lower cost in one visit with sedation than over several visits without sedation. In terms of a cost estimate I told him that the cost varies between $200 and over $1000 depending on the type and length of treatment.

Oral and inhalation sedation usually cost between $200 and $300 for one treatment. This does not include the cost of the actual dental procedure, but dental insurance can help cover the costs of non-cosmetic procedures. Many patients are concerned about taking on that kind of a cost all at once. Luckily, financing options are available, including in some cases monthly payment plans through our dental office, and also third party financers like CareCredit (

Hopefully the above information will alleviate some of your financial concerns with sedation dentistry.

You are also probably wondering what to expect once you actually get to my office for your sedation treatment. Listen to a first-hand account from Travis to get a better picture of the process:

“Thanks to the complete care I got during my consultation, I knew exactly what to expect from my sedation treatment. I took the anti-anxiety pill an hour before my appointment, and in about 20 minutes I began to feel the effects. At first I felt a little lightheaded, and then I just started to feel happy. I began smiling, I felt at ease, and it was like I completely forgot about my appointment. Luckily I had arranged for a friend to pick me up and take me to the dentist’s office. We chatted the whole way there without even mentioning the procedure. I later realized how odd that was because I had been complaining for days about how nervous I was.

When I got into the receptionist’s office, I didn’t even have to wait to be seen, which was great because I always get so nervous just sitting and waiting for what seems like eternity. I just signed in and went straight to the dentist’s office. It was like everything was completely prepared beforehand and waiting for me to arrive. The dentist talked to me for a few minutes about what was about to happen, and made sure I had taken the pill and was feeling comfortable.

Honestly, I don’t really remember much after I sat down in the dentist’s chair. I was really chilled out, and wasn’t very concerned about what was happening.  After that I just got really sleepy and completely relaxed. I could have been in a dentist’s chair or on the beach enjoying a warm sunny day – I couldn’t even tell the difference!

I do remember a few glimpses here and there – the dentist’s voice asking me questions every once in a while, the lights above me, and the smell of an air freshener, but other than that I was out of it. When I finally did start feeling alert again it was time to go. My friend drove me home, sat with me until I felt the sedatives wear off, and then I got on with my new life and my new smile!”

Travis’s story is one of hundreds of patients that I’ve helped overcome their dental fears. If you think a similar treatment could work for you and you’d like to discuss it, please set up a free consultation with me soon!

Next week we are going to change topics to another very widespread condition that affects a lot of patients. We will learn how to recognize the signs of gum disease, and get information on how to treat it.

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