Troy Dentists Outline 5 Common Habits That Adversely Affect Dental Health

Written by Dr. Bentley on Jul 28, 2020

It is so easy to get into a less-than-perfect routine or a rut that can hurt your oral health over time. That is why our Troy dentists encourage our patients to regularly re-assess their day to day habits; once you know what to look for, you can take small yet important steps to support optimal oral health.   

Reaching for sugary or acidic drinks

So many of the beverages that we consume regularly are packed with sugars and acids, both of which can take a toll on oral health. Fruit juices, for example, are highly acidic, as are red wines and soft drinks. Any time that you are able to swap one of these beverages for water, you are giving your oral health a boost.

Sipping or snacking continuously

Drinking water all day long is no problem at all, but when you continually drink coffee, tea, soft drinks, juices, and sports’ drinks. When you indulge in these drinks all day long, the harmful oral bacteria

Failing to drink and rinse with H20

Water is your smile’s best friend. It is super easy to get into the habit of rinsing your smile with water (or a mouth rinse if your dentist recommends it) after every snack and meal. Every time that you rinse, you clear away built up dental debris and you jump-start saliva production in your mouth.

Chewing on hard substances

Patients who regularly chomp on ice, mints, and hard candies may be inadvertently damaging their own dental enamel. The cracks and chips caused by this all-too-common habit are not immediately apparent, but they compound and become more severe over time. Plus, these small cracks and chips are ideal spaces in which bacteria can colonize and attack underlying dental layers.

Brushing at the wrong time

A lot of the time we think that brushing more is always a good idea. After all, isn’t brushing supposed to keep our smiles clean and fresh? Undoubtedly, brushing your smile is an essential component of your healthy oral hygiene routine. However, it is crucial that you brush at the appropriate times. Do not, for example, brush right after you eat or drink something sugary.

Your dental enamel is temporarily softened in the twenty to thirty minutes after exposure to sweets or acids. During this time period your enamel re-mineralizes and returns to its previous state.

We hope that you now feel even more empowered to care for your smile day to day. If you need any help building a treatment plan, please reach out to our Troy dentists to schedule your personal consultation.