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The most obvious candidate for indirect veneers that I have seen was Charlie, a 44 year old with a fairly healthy dental history. Charlie never expected that he would need or want a full set of dental veneers. He was always pretty happy with his smile and never suspected there would be any major problems. I recommended indirect veneers to Charlie when his teeth quickly began staining and were not responding well to traditional whitening treatments.

Charlie had always been an excessive coffee drinker, and it started to show on his teeth in his mid forties. The whitening treatments we tried at first helped a little to reduce the signs of staining, but he still wasn’t happy with the shade of his smile and kept returning for follow-up treatments. During one of these visits I noticed Charlie had a rather large and noticeable gap between his left incisor and his canine. I asked him if he had ever considered having it closed, but he told me that he had had braces and a child and didn’t want to go through the ordeal of orthodontics again.

Lucky for Charlie, I was able to recommend a much simpler treatment that would be a quicker, better looking, and more comprehensive solution to his problems. Direct veneers were the clear choice for Charlie, and he liked the idea so much that he had a full set placed to achieve an incredible new smile!

What is an indirect veneer?

An indirect veneer is an extremely thin layer of porcelain material which is custom fitted and placed on a tooth using a dental adhesive. The veneers themselves are created in a lab by a dental technician, using impressions of your actual teeth. Each veneer is made exclusively to be a perfect fit for your individual tooth.

What is the procedure like?

An indirect veneer requires two visits to the dentist. During the first we will make impressions of your teeth to be sent off to the lab. This only takes a few minutes and is not painful at all. At this point we may want to place temporary veneers to see how they look and see if there is anything to be improved. A few weeks later, once the veneers have been created and arrived in our office, you will return for the final placing. Indirect veneers usually require that the teeth are reduced by 0.5mm from their original size so that your new smile does not appear unnatural and bulky. The thin veneers are attached to the teeth using a dental veneer, and you will leave the office immediately with a brilliant new smile!

How durable are indirect veneers?

The advantage of indirect veneers, which are made of porcelain, is that they look impeccable. Porcelain is a material that mimics your tooth enamel’s natural shine. The disadvantage is that they may be prone to more chipping or cracking than a veneer made of composite resin, especially if you tend to grind your teeth. If you do not grind your teeth and are generally careful with your teeth then your veneers should last for many years.

Are indirect veneers stain resistant?

Porcelain is significantly more stain resistant than composite resin. My patient Charlie was especially excited to hear that, as he was a heavy coffee drinker and had tried for many years to keep the stains out of his natural teeth.

What is the cost for indirect veneers?

The cost varies from patient to patient, so it’s impossible to give an exact quote without seeing your unique situation. A porcelain veneer applied by a dentist usually costs around $700.

After reading this information, if you think indirect veneers may be a good option for you, feel free to schedule a consultation.

Next week we will finish our discussion on veneers by reviewing the details of the procedure, cost, and financing. After this newsletter you will be an expert on veneers and can make informed decisions about cosmetic dental procedures that may be right for you.

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